In the Vineyard, our kids are not just the Church of tomorrow, 

they are the Church of today!


Energetic Worship

This is a vital part of the kids worship experience as we energetically worship (singing songs to God and about God). Many times what’s spoken is forgotten, but the songs fill our minds through the week. 


Creative Bible Teaching

We understand that all children learn differently, so we provide multiple ways for the kids to interact and connect with the teachings and stories in the Bible. We use engaging activities, the arts, games, discussions and more to help the kids apply God’s word to their lives. 


Relationships & Connections

Relationship building is a vital part of what we do in Vineyard Kids on Sunday mornings. As the kids build relationships, they see the church as a place where they belong and where they can experience God and use their gifts to help others. 



When kids feel safe, they can relax and learn (and so can their parents!). Each weekend at check in your child is assigned a random code that matches both their name tag and your parent receipt. All volunteers are screened through an interview and have passed a federal background check. 



We play lots of goofy games that have the kids laughing and connecting with each other in ways that only kids can do! 


Family Sundays

The last Sunday of each month the kids will join us at the end of the service so families can worship and take communion together. 




When you arrive, you’ll be greeted at a desk designated for check-in. We’ll meet your family, register your child in our database, and connect you with a volunteer to lead your child to an activity of their choice to begin their time with us.

We’ll ask for the following info: name, birthdate, address, phone number and special instructions, like allergies.

When you pick up your child, you will need to bring the tag with your child’s code to give the adult checking them out.






Weekly Challenges: Each week we leave the kids with about 4 challenges, including one to memorize their verse. Your child will leave with a “Parent Connection” sheet with the challenges on them and you can also request to follow our private Instagram page where the challenges are posted each week.